by shivaleep

‘Unconditional love and sacrifice’



I have called out this word celebrating laughter and joy.

I have called out this word to comfort my tears, anger, frustration, sickness, and pain.

I have called out this word when my mother was not even close enough to hear it.

It is a word that soothes me because it represents an infinite presence of love and healing.

Ma is an energy.

An energy you feel in the ocean, among the trees, and in the earth that carries us and replenishes us.

A humbling energy that is nurturing, accepting, supporting, listening, caring, and holding.

Ma is grace, simplicity, and joy.

Ma is timeless wonder and magic.

Ma gives birth to new life, connection, awareness, and growth.

Ma, you bring me back to humility and softness when I have gotten caught up in the illusion of proving myself to the world.

You have taught me what a home is. You show me that it’s not the big things done once, but the little things done consistently that create a cozy and safe place for your loved ones.

You remind me of the simple pleasures found in good company and laughter.

Ma, your bright smile is a painted picture on my soul.

Connecting with the memories of your loving touch is what aligns me into living and giving from my heart.

Your prayers and dreams grow my fire to live consciously.

You are a force unparalleled.

Ma, I ask for your forgiveness for any pain I have caused as I was learning to find myself and I ask for your pre-forgiveness because I’m not nearly done on this journey of awakening.

I ask for your forgiveness even though I know you have already given it to me for lifetimes.

I bow to you, Ma, in deep reverence and gratitude.