by shivaleep

‘illuminate, make visible, understanding a problem or a mystery’

Being woken from a deep sleep to the bright light peeking through the curtain. Sometimes we turn towards the sunlight and get energized by its brightness shining through. Other times, the light is unwelcome, we pull the cover over our face, reach for the eye mask or turn the other way.

This readiness versus resistance to light is played out in all parts of our lives.

The light of knowledge, clarity and growth is not always received with open arms. Maybe we don’t feel ready to leave the dark corner, we don’t want to see where we’re stuck, we don’t want to change, we’re tired and scared.

In these times of resistance, we get a certain sense of comfort staying in the darkness a little longer.  This is okay with the light, it’s not enemies with the darkness, the two work together as one would not exist without the knowledge of the other.

The light allows us time in the darkness, to understand our pain, to relate to hurt, suffering, disappointment. It gives us space to consider the pain of others, to build compassion and connection with others. It sits unwearied hoping we will take the opportunity to acknowledge our struggle and realize the ripe opening for growth.

The light is patient, resilient, and untiring.  It will always find its way through the shadows to reach you, heal you, love you and give you strength.

But still at times we feel as though we’ve been deserted, as if the light has forgotten all about us – this is never true.

In the moments we feel abandoned, we can ask for help. We can ask the light to guide us and support us. It will always show up.

The light presents itself in different forms…an inner voice, a smiling friend, a helpful stranger, a hug, a good book, an easing of tension, a flow to the day.

But we have come to take the light for granted. We have created an imbalance in the play of darkness and light. In focusing more on darkness, on hardship, on victim-hood, the light comes and goes unnoticed.

Pause.  Take a deep breath.  Look up, down, around, look IN. The light is there, see it, feel it, hold it in your hands and protect it like the delicate flame of a candle.

Surrender into the warmth of light.  Revel in the seen that can no longer be unseen. Sigh into the awareness that is the gift of life.

Carry the light, spread the light, BE the light.